Move your weights out from the bow with minimal weight change and still hold on the X


Getting your draw length is very important, now working on the proper length of your stabilizers are just as important.  Just adding more weight isn't always the answer to get less pin movement. For example if your balance point is 3 inches in front of the riser and you add 1 ounce on the front bar, you will need to add 1 3/4 -2 ounce on the back to retain the balance point for shot execution. 

View our Videos to see the balance you can maintain. 

With our system all you need to do is move your existing weights out using our 1 inch Stab-X then do the same to the back and your point of balance remains the same with out any extra weight to hold.  

The guideline we use and start with is for every 1 ounce you need use a 1 inch Stab-X instead. 

No need to buy unusable stabilizer length bars that aren't right for you.

 Fine tune your front and back bar to help with aiming and balance. 

Be able to perform  well when ole Buck Fever shows up.

Slow down your pin movement for the longer shots.

A better balanced bow means easier distance shooting.

This is the perfect tool to learn what is needed before you spend money on stabilizers. The fastest and easiest way to get your answers are here.

Coaches with kids that are learning and out growing existing equipment or any veteran shooter knowing he needs help on getting the steady sight picture for a consistent shot. Will benefit greatly with minimal cost.